WWZ's Autopilot Agricultural Drone=New Era Of The Crop Protection?

- Mar 27, 2017-

Now in mainly developed countries like Japan and USA, agricultural pesticide spraying drones are widely with man operated and drones forms with so many advantages. In China with the science and technology development, more and more agricultural drones and solutions are provided on the market.

On early March in Xi’an, the leading agricultural drone producer and solution provider, Xi’an Wideworldz Aviation Technology Co., Ltd launches its advanced SLK serial multi-rotor pesticide spraying drone.

Multi-rotor  agricultural crop protection /sprayer  helicopter drone


This new serial drone adopts Wideworldz’s Orion® intelligent flight control, Runwu®  Intelligent flow control meter with its unique Geo-fencing technology. It can realize manual/automatic operation shift. The GPS based auto-pilot makes the beyond-line-of-sight pesticide spraying. Meanwhile, the one-station-multi-drones will enhance the spraying efficiency greatly with more convenient operation and the cloud data uploading make the agricultural large data storage and precise agriculture more intelligent. Obvious this SLK serial drone is a new kind of highly specialized, intelligent and integrated agricultural unmanned aerial spraying system that can be used to spray pesticides forestry and crops such as rice, wheat, sugar cane, corn, cotton and other plants. It is easy to use, stable and reliable, high operating efficiency.

As the high-tech enterprise specializing in agricultural drone system R&D, manufacture and agricultural service, widewoldz focus on research, development and manufacture of agricultural dronesUAV, flight control components and unmanned intelligent equipment.  It has high-quality technical team with rich aerial engineering experience. Now widewoldz has aircraft R&D design department, intelligent flight control system department, production and processing centers, flight engineering department and other departments. Our independently developed serial multi-rotor intelligent electric applicator, short-range landing in the low-altitude remote sensing unmanned aerial vehicles, long reconnaissance multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, large torque intelligent electric steering gear, UAV power test system, unmanned aerial vehicle integrated power system and other products have achieved a good market response. Previous generation multi-rotor smart electric pesticide application project has won the first prize in the second session of the China agricultural science and technology innovation competition, which is a high degree of intelligence, user experience the best single-model market share higher Low-altitude agricultural unmanned aerial spraying products.

Aerial Spraying/Autonomous Spraying/Precision Farming Technologies

This kind of SLK serial multi-rotor pesticide spraying drone has following comparative advantages:

Patented technology, High intelligent, Security and stability

Powerful,Durable,Continuous operation,One-key take-off and landing,One-key ,return,Easy-charging,Easy using,Convenient maintenance

It is calculated that in 2015 in China there are 0.3 billion acres land need to be pesticide sprayed, but there are only 0.24% of these land adopts the agricultural drone technology, which waste much water and lot of labor force. In Japan 40% of the land are spraying by agriculture UAV. So as an advanced pesticide spraying method, it is certain that the world plant crop protection industry will come into the era of the agricultural drone. This kind of SLK serial multi-rotor pesticide spraying drone will obviously plan an important role in national plant protection industry and precise farming.



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