Why More Agricultural Drones (UAV) For Pesticide Spraying?

- Mar 27, 2017-

After many years’ application, the traditional oil-driven pesticide spraying copter and crop duster, although efficiency is much 

higher than pure handheld pesticide spraying ways, has shown some disadvantages in application:


1. Its runoff may pollute our water sources

2. It may kill animals and even pollutes the air as its lack of accuracy

3. It is a dangerous practice for the environment.

4. It is a dangerous practice for the constructions and houses

5. It is not suitable for complex terrains


So with the development of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), pesticide technology ,small aircraft control module and intelligent flow control, crop spraying with unmanned aerial vehicle (agricultural spraying 

UAV) sprayer becomes popular, this kind of spraying does not need a runway, they can take off and land vertically, fly at low 

altitude of several meters and can be controlled in any the sight of distance range. They are suitable for all kinds of complex 

terrain, crops and plantations of varying heights. Precise and accurate crop spraying ensures the best coverage and application of fertilizers or pesticides on various lands.

The aerial application agricultural spraying combines new pumps and spray heads designed to be more reliable. The technology and the results obtained by it leave no question that low and ultra-low volume spraying is a viable alternative in today’s environmentally aware world. Better spraying results are achieved with 50% less pesticide consumption and 90% less water consumptio.

Some of the benefits of crop spraying with a UAV Sprayers include a significant reduction in application cost by utilizing an UAV aircraft and a notable improvement in coverage and control through consistent application of the best suited droplet size for better penetration of crop canopy, decreased drift potential and evaporation, and greater adherence of chemical to the leaves. The spray system is specially designed to promote economically and ecologically sound spray methods that are the future of agricultural aviation.


Basing on our technical accumulation and many year’s development, we have developed one typical 5kg and 15kg serial pesticide spraying drones with above-mentioned advantages which has been proven in the spraying work for various crops in different fields in China, this new SLK serial spraying drones has several improvements as following:

All-terrain application: self-developed advanced Orian ® Flight Control System provides all-terrain spraying service.

Low-cost: drone spraying can save 50% pesticide and 90% water consumption with our intelligent flow control module.

Safer: it can avoid the pesticide spraying by man and reduce the secondary pollution.

Labor-saving: one drone’s working efficiency is 30 times of the artificial spraying.

High-efficiency: spraying is done in minutes; 660acres can be sprayed in 5-7 days.

Easy-to-operate: even layman can operate it expertly with two days’ training.

Easy-maintenance: miniature structure, foldable, light-weight and lower depreciation rate.

Unlimited use: spraying work will not be affected by the crop types and size. 


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