Why Choose Drone For Pesticide Spraying?

- Aug 31, 2017-

In recent years, due to the increasing costs of labor caused by the shortage of agricultural workers, as well as reduced operating efficiency, and due to geographical conditions, manual-work spraying of pesticides destroyed the seedling rate is too high, the spraying effect is not ideal. Therefore, the use of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles is to solve this series of problems.

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Compared to the traditional spraying methods, what are the advantages of using drone to spray pesticides?

1.  High efficiency of spraying pesticide, which is the hundreds of workers or even hundreds of times.

2.  Spraying efficiency is better. Plant protection UAV rotor can produce a large spin force, to promote pesticide droplets on the crops from top to bottom to penetrate, it is conducive to pesticide droplets scattered evenly in all parts of the plant, so that precision spraying in place.

3. Spray more evenly. In the process of pesticide spraying, the UAV to take automatic obstacles to avoid and automatic cruise alarm of the new technology, when the pesticide runs out, drone automatically cruise back to the initial position, after the staff add pesticides, according to the location of the return, back to the previous spray area continue to spray, will not cause repeated spraying and endanger crops.

4.  Operating is safety. Eliminate pesticide poisoning incidents occuring in sprayers.

Our agricultural spraying drone, each sort can continuous working 10-15 minutes, every drone single-day operation area is 40-60 acres, pesticide utilization increased by 40% or more, also can save a lot of pesticides and labor cost.

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