Why Agriculture Drone Is So Hot?

- Sep 20, 2017-

      Following the aerial photography drone, the crop protection UAV may be the next most likely market to form the scale.

      "Forming the scale" contains two meanings: one is the actual application to support, the second is the quantity. These two points are essential.

      Before the absence of drone, spraying pesticides are mainly two ways:

      One is the person carrying a pesticide box to spray - the efficiency is too low, by the way pesticides on the human body are harmful;

      Second is mechanized spraying - using tractors or aircraft to spray.

      But some farmland is not endless, special structured. Many are sloping hills, even terraces. Tractors and airplanes are useless at this time. But the drones can, transport、carry and take off landings without any restrictions.

 cheap spraying drone

      According to incomplete statistics, UAV spraying pesticides have seven benefits:

     First, the drone operators are safety. Remote control operates UAV spray, will not be poisoned.

     Second, the effect is good. The powerful airflow produced by the unmanned aerial rotor rotates the liquid directly against the various layers of the crop. The pesticide can penetrate into the roots of the crop with the airflow, and the back of the leaves make the pests nowhere to escape.

      Third, UAV is safe. UAV can be set high and follow the planning path flight, breakpoint continued spray. If falling, the loss is not big, but the manned plane may be different.

      Fourth, high efficient water-saving. UAV spraying pesticides can spray 0.16-0.32 acres per minute, one day can spray 48-96 acres, correspond to 30-100 people work efficiency. And the application effect is good, can be close to 1-3 meters of crops to spray, droplet is fine, even can improve pesticide utilization rate of more than 40%. Using of low-capacity application of technology only need 2400-3600 ml pesticide per acre.

      Fifth, easily to operate. Operators just need 3-5 days of training, then can learn to operate and routine maintenance. Dosing, change the battery convenient and quick, a few minutes can complete.

      Six, maintenance is cheap. Machine working life is long, while maintenance costs are low, parts replacement is easy (relatively speaking).

     Seven, the range of applications are wide. Plant protection UAV is a remote control low-altitude flight application, can widely used in wheat, soybeans, rice, corn, sorghum, sugar cane, fruit trees, gardens and other pest control.                            

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