What Should Be Pay Attention To By Drone Spraying?

- Oct 12, 2017-

The same crop, adjacent plots, someone spent twice the pesticide money cannot prevent the disease, why? Actually, spraying pesticide by agriculture drone need pay attention to the "ways".

First, before the spraying

1. Select the right time

According to the temperature change to determine the time

Whether it is plants, pests or pathogens, they all have a suitable activity temperature, about 20-30 ℃, 25 ℃ is the best, then spraying pesticide, not only for the crop is safe, but will also have effect in the active period of diseases and pests.

Hot weather, it should be in the morning before 10 am, after 4 pm to spray pesticide;

Cool weather, should be after 10 am, before 2 pm to spray pesticide;

2. Choose the right pesticide

If prevent disease, first need to be suit the remedy to the case, know what disease should use what pesticide, and don't disorderly use of pesticide, recognize the difference between the pesticide of fungal disease and bacterial disease; Second, rotate the pesticide, do not blindly use the same.

If prevent pests, it is first to treat the pests to choose the pesticide, both kill the adult pets, the eggs, the larvae or nymphs, thus reducing the pest source. Secondly, rotate the pesticide, do not blindly use the same pesticide, in case the pest resistance increase, and then reduce the effect.

3. Dilute the pesticide should be appropriate

Pesticide spraying.jpg

The pesticide should be diluted with instructions, especially with the use of crop protection drone. The dilution ratio must be strictly followed by the severity of the disease pests, but it is not recommended to be doubled.

If the effect is not good, one can rotate another mechanism of the pesticide, on the other hand can optimize the spray technology.

Second, when spraying pesticide

1. Grasp the distance and speed

Different crops, plant protection UAV operating height and speed are not the same.

General standard field crops, recommended at 1-1.5 meter high, flying speed is 4 m / s

General fruit trees are recommended at 1.2-1.8 meter tall, flight speed is 2-4 meters / S, according to the flight speed of the day to adjust.

2. Adjust the size of the pesticide drops

drone spraying.jpg

According to the performance of the sprayer and its nozzle, adjust the appropriate droplet size.

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