What Determines The Price Of Agricultural Drone?

- Jul 14, 2017-

 As we all know, in the modern agricultural production, with its efficient and convenient advantage, agricultural plant protection UAV is increasingly becoming the hot spot. In some developed countries, agricultural drone has become the main force of plant protection services. At present, in addition to the performance of agricultural UAV, what people most concerned about the issue is the price. In order to help people more in-depth understanding of agricultural drone, today we will discuss what determines the price of agricultural drone:

 The performance of agricultural UAV is so prominent, then you can imagine the price is not cheap, and now the prices of China's domestic crop protection UAV generally is in the RMB 200 to 300 thousands (eg oil-powered helicopters), even for professional cooperatives and large growers, this is a big expense. A number of professionals said the village is in the mid-low end market, the price is more sensitive. This requires manufacturers to reduce production costs, and producing suitable drones for ordinary users.

oil-powered helicopters.jpg

 Although the agricultural spraying drone has a broad development prospect, but if the user want to buy, first of all they should according to their own economic strength, and not blindly purchase; followed by the selection of manufacturers, users need choose the manufacturers  whose R&D strength and production strength are very prominent, and after-sales service is complete, that is particularly important, such as wideworld technology which focus on agricultural crop protection UAV R & D, production and sales whole industry chain company is a good choice.

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At present, crop protection UAV with its high efficiency, intelligent characteristics, had been the majority of farmers and the government at all levels of agricultural sector, agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles face large quantities promoting and application of market opportunities, I believe that in the future agricultural drone will be popular at home and abroad.

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