What Kind Of Environment The Spraying Drone Can Work Properly?

- Aug 18, 2017-

Today, Plant protection technology in agriculture and forestry is becoming more and more intelligent, crop protection UAV also came into being. The drones are widely used in flight prevention services, spraying services, etc. In general, the environment of agroforestry operation is complicated. We have also considered a number of environmental factors at the beginning of the development of plant protection UAV systems. However, in order to ensure its operating efficiency and service life, the environment is also particularly important. What kind of environment the spraying drone can work properly?

spraying drone.jpg

Firstly, the weather factor

The weather is the first element we need to consider in the process of agriculture UAVs operation, because the harsh weather environment will affect the flight and operation effect. Rainy days must pay attention and the wind is greater than moderate breeze need suspend operations, the wind is greater than 6 must be strictly prohibited operations, or is likely to appear security incidents.

Secondly, geographical factors

Geographical environment is also need to be taken into account in the course of the operation, which need meet the following factors:

1.Plots perimeter within 10 meters of no living premises.

2. Field perimeter within 10 meters are not have shelter forest, high voltage lines, poles and other obstacles.

3. In the middle of the field without affecting the flight safety or the flight sight obstacles.

4. Plots perimeter or paddy field in the middle of a suitable landing point of the aircraft.

5. The height should be lower than the operator's line of sight, the operator can observe the aircraft flight attitude.

6. Plots should be suitable for manipulation of personnel walking the road.

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