What Are The Core Components Of The Crop Protection Drone?

- Jul 06, 2017-

crop protection drone completing tasks often need to load-bearing to flight. In order to complete the task, which core components must be configured?

the intelligent flight controller.jpg

1. The flight controller: responsible for handling all the attitude of the aircraft control, all input and output signals must be processed by the flight controller. Commonly used flight controller includes GPS and geomagnetic sensor module, you can complete the fixed hover, autonomous takeoff and landing, a key return and a series of functions. Different from the general market companies which need to outsource the flight controller, our intelligent flight controller is independent R&D by our technical team, we can say that we have and master the absolute core technology

2. UAV arm: the use of embedded silicone injection molding process and all carbon material structure make the drone has the better structural rigidity and stability. The entire system is highly integrated design which making the installation and debugging work more simple and quick.

3. Center frame: with greater available space, easy to install and built all kinds of spray auxiliary equipment.

moter for drone.jpg

4.Motor: Built-in centrifugal fan design and optimized cooling air flow channel, electronic governor use the new and efficient control of the kernel algorithm, and equipped with radiator, while integrated design of high-brightness LED indicator, so that the whole set of equipment not only become the attention focus, more convenient for your flight operation.

5. Positive and negative propeller: the output provides lift and torque, and through the positive paddle and negative paddle offset torque, resulting in upward lift to ensure a smooth flight of the drone.

With the co-operation of the fuselage and the five core components, the crop protection unmanned aircraft equipped with pesticides launched, and with the operation of the drone pilot, they completed their own mission.

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