Precision Farming

- May 11, 2017-

Nowadays, a new farming revolution triggered by the adoption of staggering new technologies: satellites, high precision positioning systems, aerial spraying and imaging, smart sensors and a range of IT applications combined with high-tech engineering.  

"Precision Farming: the New Agricultural Revolution" – drone will plays an crucial role, CLICK on the image to see our drone.

Precision Farming innovations are present in the 4 steps of the crop growth cycle:

What is Precision Farming all about?

Precision Farming is about managing variations in the field accurately to grow more food using fewer resources and reducing production costs.

All aspects of the environment – soil, weather, vegetation, water – vary from place to place. Farmers have always been aware of this, but they lacked the tools to measure, map and manage these variations precisely. Thus, Precision Farming can make a difference to food production facing the challenge of a rising world population and can help farmers to achieve greater sustainability, higher productivity, economic benefits and environmental protection.

In the past 10 years, Precision Farming has moved from good science to good practice - and has witnessed unprecedented growth around the globe: 70 to 80% of new farm equipment sold today has some form of Precision Farming component inside.

The key functionality that makes crop pesticide spraying and monitoring highly useful for farmers is the autopilot agricultural drones, which automates drone flying. Autopilot software can predetermine the flight pattern that will maximize coverage of the crop fields, imaging software can stitch together aerial imagery into a mosaic map. The generated map is key to improving crop performance, and reducing costs. It shows exactly which areas of the crops need further attention. Farmers can spend more time treating their plants, and less time scouting.

The China’s leading agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) producer, Xian WWZ proudly announce that they have developed a new autopilot (fully automatic)agricultural drone SLK-5 autopilot sprayer, this kind of pesticide sprayer drone has over three times work efficiency than usual agricultural drone. It comes with a 1 Year Warranty. It adopts Cutting Edge Technology with a coverage rate of 6 acres/hour. The launching of this autopilot indicate that now we have developed complete series of agricultural UAV sprayers equipped with autopilot, Flight Controller intelligent flow control and GPS. So far as we know this SLK-5 autopilot sprayer drone is the most advanced agricultural UAV Sprayer  on the market. Compare with other UAV sprayers and you'll agree the SLK-5 autopilot sprayer drone is the most cost effective, efficient and advanced agricultural pesticide sprayers on the market. 

Agriculture system need to embrace new digital technologies in order to make their operations more productive, profitable, and efficient. Large farms can benefit from a range of applicable data to increase the amount of food produced from the autopilot agricultural drones. Doing so will potentially result in an improved financial agriculture performance, and higher profits. Smaller farms can also benefit from digital technology to improve their crop yields.


Partial information from cema website

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