Why Precision Agriculture Is The Future Of Agricultural Development?

- Jun 28, 2017-

What, s the precision agriculture?

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Simply put, precision agriculture is the management of crop production based on specific locations. Precision agriculture is the new trend of agricultural development in the world today. It is supported by information technology. It implements a set of modern agricultural operation technology and management system according to spatial variation, positioning, timing and quantification.

The goal of precision agriculture is to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and protect the environment. Experts believe that precision agriculture is the new agriculture which based on the high-tech, and will be achieved in the next 10 years. It brings agriculture into the digital and information age, which is the important development direction of agriculture in the 21st century.

What are the advantages of precision agriculture?

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Through the fine calculation, precision agriculture can work out the fertilizer, water, pesticides and other quantities of crops required, and also can greatly reduce the input of various raw materials, reduce crop production costs, improve land rate of return. The applications of precision fertilization, spraying, irrigation system, effectively overcome the malady that traditional agriculture often overmuch or too little supply, and improve the quality of crops.

Precision agriculture makes agricultural production from extensive form to intensive operation, which can be carried out continuously as in industrial processes, and resulting in large-scale operations. Precision agriculture is not too much emphasis on high yield, but the main emphasis on efficiency; Precision agriculture can reduce the risk of pollution that excessive use of agricultural products, and also contribute to the sustainable use of land resources.

What are the specific applications of precision agriculture?

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Aiming at the actual demand of modern precision agriculture, we independently-developed "Runwu" intelligent flow meter and large-scale data management systemwhich is mainly used for farmland management. This platform can be compatible with a variety of plant protection equipment and can achieve the spray speed and flow of pharmaceutical precision matching, flexible adjustment, and can store and return real-time spray flow, operating area and operations Remote data, in the background of large data management platform for statistical analysis and massive data processing, so that end-users, plant protection services, management, monitoring and management of plant protection operations, Through mobile phones, computers and other terminals independent, real-time access to control the required farmland protection information.

This system platform is the basis of modern precision agriculture and agricultural data, the core of all types of agricultural plant protection companies, agricultural service cooperatives and agrochemical manufacturers and other industry users with high practical value.

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