Powerful Combination Of Spraying Drone Training, More Than Students Get The Drone Driver's License

- Jun 05, 2017-

May 26 - May 27, at the invitation of Anhui Precision Farm Technology Center, our company team went to Fuyang to carry out a two -days crop protection drone training. The training was conducted in Fuyang Huanggou Bay Se-rich industrial park, there are more than 30 farmers to participate in, our company's professional training technician combined theory with practice, in the focus to explain the drone structure, function and safety attention matters, but also training they personally control the plant protection UAV.

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At the end of May, Fuyang's weather was exceptionally sunny, but the enthusiasm of the farmers was very high. Every fine participants were a group, in the company trainer's explanation, they understood the drones structure, and in accordance with the steps to dismantle the UAV, and knew well the function and use of aircraft and remote control's components. In addition, under the guidance of our company's professional technicians, each student has completed a certain number of flight sorties.

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Under the hot sun, our company's agriculture spraying drones flied in the air, with only two days of training, you farmers can easily fly UAV! May 27, We carried out the actual operations and assessment, everyone completed a sort of operations. After theoretical, operational learning and comprehensive assessment, some students of participate in the training got the "crop protection drone driver's license." The majority of farmers have said that after training, they sprayed pesticides no longer to ask other people, after all, they mastered the professional skills by themselves.

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