How To Price The Service Of Crop Protection Drone?

- Jul 21, 2017-

Plant protection UAV, with its advantages of high efficiency, good spray effect, low hidden cost, has made a place in recent years in the crop protection machinery market, and was accepted by more and more users. Compared to plant protection by labor, the efficiency of an unmanned aerial vehicle is equivalent to more than 60 times normal manpower, and its usual spray method can save more than 30% of the pesticide and more than 90% of the water.

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      Flying operations not only make operators, farmers are as far away as possible from pesticides, but also reduce the risk of their poisoning. It greatly slowed down the aging of population in recent years, the loss of labor force year after year, pesticides, fertilizer utilization gap between developed countries and other issues significantly.

So how much should we charge for the crop protection services by drone? According to industry practice, the type of unmanned aerial vehicles, farmers spraying demand, crop, farmland complexity, market space and other factors, due to the plant protection UAV spray service offer cannot be lumped under one head.

Flying operations mostly aim at field crops, a small number of manufacturers of drone can operate hills terrain orchard. The spraying difficulty for the field crops, cotton, wheat, rice, corn and other crops are not the same.

The cost of spraying drone service need to consider the crop category, the degree of pests, pesticide species, flight speed, spraying way, topography, plots size, transition efficiency, customization requirements lead to price differences, the operator often need to negotiate with the farmers at the job site and determine the appropriate operating price.

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