How Does Agricultural Drone Work(detailed Processes)

- Aug 03, 2017-

First, determine the operation tasks

First of all, we must know the type of crops and areas, terrain, pest and control the cycle, the types of pesticide, and the other special requirements. Preparations for pre-job tasks: whether the terrain is suitable for flight prevention, the area measurement is accurate, the farmland is not suitable for the operation area (the obstacle is too much caused the hidden trouble) whether the effective communication with the farmer, the farmland pest situation.

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Second, determine the operating team

According to the operation requirements determine the number of operation personnel and plant protection UAV and transport vehicles.

According to the crop type, area, topography, pest and prevention cycle and the single crop protection drone efficiency to determine. Generally crops have a certain period of prevention, in this cycle if they didn't finish the task in time, it will not achieve the desired effect. As a flight defense service team, the first step is to ensure the effectiveness of the spraying, followed by how to improve the efficiency.

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Third, begin to crop protection operation

Generally the operating team needs to arrive in advance to operate the block, and should be familiar with the terrain, check the flight route without obstacles, such as poles and wires, trees, etc.

And then starts pesticide configuration (generally based on the quantity ofagriculture spraying drone UAV work prepare half or one day pesticides in advance)

Plant protection UAV inspects before taking off, the relevant facilities to determine (such as radio frequency, spray flow, etc.), and then starts spraying services.

In ensuring the efficiency of the operation at the same time (route straightness, traverse width, flight height, whether leaks spray), the safety distance of the aircraft and people or obstacles is also very important. The risk of any aircraft accident is high to people, the operation process must always stay away from the crowd, safety conditions should be placed in the first place.

When the day of the task is completed, you should clean the drone, and have a systematic inspection on spraying UAV, check the material consumption (pesticides, batteries, etc.), then ready for the next day operations.

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