How Agriculture Benefit From UAV?

- Apr 14, 2017-

Thanks to the development of the modern science and technology, all these put wheel to the development of the agricultural UAV and pesticide pspraying drone-based precision agriculture. Pesticide spraying agricultural drone is integrated of high-efficiency brushless motor, intelligent flow control and spraying pesticide flow control system. 


1.More precision & consistency:

• The drones are equipped with highly accurate geo-referenced multispectral and near-infrared aerial imaging.

• Farmers can get ultra-high-resolution, stitchable imagery for valid processing.

• Maximum precision and consistency in every flight: Every control command, every flight path, any photo position and camera orientation: exact.

• You receive information in detail about soil, crop and water condition.

2.Preserve & obtain:

• Save time by reproduction: Repeat proven waypoint flights exact and fully automated.

• Analyse and compare results of automated waypoint navigation flights.

• Improve your data processing sustainably.Quick Survey: Press button to achieve a ground sample distance (GSD) down to millimetres.

• Intelligent helps to Useful monitoring of small and medium-scale areas in less time.


3.Agronomic advances:

• Less time required. Quickly airborne. Quick live image analysis. Detailed analysis of ultra-high-resolution imagery.

• Less staff requirement with more safety: Smart one-hand camera control, waypoint navigation and imaging automation.


• Less risk: Actionable information for nutrient management plans to meet statutory obligations.

• Reduction of operation expenses through precise assessment of seeds, fertiliser, pesticides and irrigation.

• Low-noise, emission-free & environmentally friendly operation.

4.Range of application:

• UAV / Drone-based survey and multispectral measurements for site-specific land development.

• UAV / Drone-based ecological and agronomic rural cultivation.

• UAV / Drone-based analysis of soil, health and vigor of crops.

• UAV / Drone-based agricultural development, irrigation and nutrient management.

• UAV / Drone-based fertilizer and pesticides accurate measurement.


• UAV / Drone-based topographic surveys, slope angle measurement and volumetric analysis for site design.

• UAV / Drone-based environmental impact assessment and flood risk surveys.

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