Drone Application In Agricultural Development

- Apr 12, 2017-

Due to the fast evolution of intelligent flight control, flow control  and large data, now the plant protection pesticide spraying drones , also named as agricultural UAV, are widely used, but many factors must be considered during its application to realize the best spraying result:


Agricultural UAV afety precautions

1, keep away from the crowd! Safety always in the first place, all safety first!

2, before the operation of the aircraft, first of all to ensure that the aircraft battery and remote control battery has sufficient power before the pesticide spraying operation.


3, Within Operation field perimeter within 10 meters there should be no shelter forest, high voltage tower, poles and other obstacles.Crop height should be lower than the operator's line of sight; the operator can observe the aircraft flight attitude.

4, Water and water vapor from the antenna, rocker and other cracks into the transmitter and may lead to out of control.

5, flying in the lightning weather are strictly prohibited. This is very, very dangerous!

6, be sure to keep the aircraft within their line.


7, away from high-voltage wire flight.

8 the installation and use of remote control model requires professional knowledge and technology, improper operation may lead to equipment damage or personal injury.

9, Use the radial direction of the transmitter antenna to point to the controlled model and avoid the remote control and the receiver near the metal object.


10,2.4GHz radio waves are spread almost linearly, please avoid obstacles between the remote control and the receiver.

11,spraying flow control can not be easily adjustable .


12, please let the pesticide spraying drone away from children.

13, in the remote control battery voltage is low, do not fly too far, before each flight need to check the remote control and receiver battery pack. Do not rely too much on the remote control low-voltage alarm function, low-voltage alarm function is mainly prompted when you need to charge, no electricity, the case will directly cause the aircraft out of control.

14, when you put the remote control on the ground, please note that must be flat and no vertical release. Because the vertical release may be blown down, which may cause the throttle stick was accidentally pulled up, causing the power system movement, which may cause harm.

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