Do You Know How To Maintain Crop Protection Drone Battery?

- Dec 01, 2017-

        Batteries, as the main components in plant protection UAVs, play an important role in crop protection services, so the routine maintenance of batteries is very important. So for the drone battery, you really know how to maintain?


        The correct way to protect the plant protection drone battery is the best way to extend the battery life. So how to properly maintain the drone battery?

     1. Don’t over discharge UAV battery

        Battery voltage drop too fast, if the control is not good, it will lead to battery discharge, ranging from damage to the battery, while the voltage is too low, causing the drone bombing. Some operators because have the small number of batteries, in order to increase the flight time so every operation there will be too much of the discharge phenomenon, which will lead to shortened battery life. Therefore, outside of normal flight time, try to fly for less than a minute, the battery life will fly more a cycle. We would rather buy more batteries, then do not fly the battery exceeds the capacity limit each time. So when we use the battery we need in strict accordance with the requirements of the flight, when the aircraft low battery alarm, it should land as soon as possible.

        2. Don’t over charge the agricultural drone battery

        If the lithium battery overcharges, then ranging from the impact of battery life, serious situation is direct fire explosion. In addition, some chargers use for some time, because the components aging, also easy to appear the problems that it's full of electricity but doesn't stop, so need to use the professional intelligent balance charger, and regular check on the charger, so as to better and more efficient charge the battery. Regularly check the voltage of the battery pack monolithic to ensure that the voltage of the battery pack is balanced and charged according to the specified current when charging.

        3. Crop protection drone battery should not be fully charged state for a long time to save

        It is not recommended to save the battery in full state for a long time. If it is stored at full charge for a long time, there may be a risk of flatulence on the battery, and the battery may be further discarded. We recommended battery as much as possible in the LED light 2 ~ 3 state for storage, before use the battery and fills it. If the battery is not used within three months, it should be charged and discharged once and then saved, thus can prolong the battery life.

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