Crop Protection Drone——make The Agriculture From The Traditional To Modern

- Jun 26, 2017-

With the development and extensive use of prevention and control of aviation agriculture in recent years, it is believed that the future agriculture and the future agricultural industry will change greatly because of the rise of crop protection UAVs. This kind of change is even unpredictable.

Unmanned aircraft plant protection operations have obvious advantages:


Comparing with the traditional artificial operations, UAV crop protection operations are accurate and efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, intelligent, simple operation, etc., in the field of agriculture, plant protection UAV constantly proved its outstanding advantages.

Firstly, the drone operation can improve crop protection efficiency, saving resource costs. UAV plant protection operation can replace hundreds of labors at the same time; spray method can save at least 50% of the use of pesticides, saving 90% of the water, which will greatly reduce the cost of resources; Compared with the traditional machine, the agriculture spray UAV also has the characteristics of low depreciation rate, low labor cost per unit operation and easy maintenance.

Secondly, the agriculture drone, s control effect is good, which can reduce the pollution and increase production. UAV plant protection has the low operating altitude, drift less, can be hovering and other characteristics. When spraying pesticides, the rotors generate downward flow which can help to increase the penetration of the crops, reduce the pesticide losses, and its coverage is better than manual operation, can effectively reduce the pesticide pollution on soil and increase the income.

Last, the operation is high security, and can reduce the risk of poisoning. The spraying drone which is remote control can avoid the operator exposing to the risk of pesticides, improve the safety of operations. The spraying drone solved the problems that traditional crop protection methods often appear poisoning, heat stroke and trampling crops and other issues.

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