Agricultural UAV Increased In 2017

- May 03, 2017-

Plant protection UAV(also named agricultural UAV,drone) industry has developed fastly. We believe that the future of precise agriculture will change due to the development of plant protection UAVs.


Macro point of view

1, the global economy trend accelerates the rapid development of Asian countries, while increasing global integration, intelligent equipment, the growing application of all walks of life, agricultural intelligence equipment is further developed and applied.


2, WTO 15 year review in December 2016 end, mean that China's agriculture gradually opens to the market completely, agricultural tariff protection is about to decline, and agricultural prices will be a huge change.


From the development of plant protection machinery

The ratio of cultivated land in the world is 17.8%, 50% in the United States, 38% in Japan and 38% in Russia. At present, China's aviation arable land treatment is  less than 2%, plant protection UAV market size will not be small..

China has more than 2,800 counties and the current UAV is not enough. In 2017 the national unmanned aerial vehicles are expected to be about 15,000.


Market structure and the difference between the various play

The agricultural UAV industry is still in the initial stage. Some companies sell aircraft, and some do the service, some engage in the Agricultural Union, and some sell aircraft to do services and some specifically engage in government subsidies.

From a technical and product perspective

Thanks to the flight control and intelligent spraying control technology, now pant protection UAVS are really applicable. But the background and technical strength of each company and the different values of the choice of the road are different.

For the plant protection UAV sales, after-sales, each manufacturer's strategy is different, financial support and staffing are not the same. But no matter what system, we must do a good job of technical training, after-sales service, plant protection UAV, after all, this industry has just developed a few years of the initial stage. Aircraft standardization operations, maintenance requirements.


Single rotor or multi-rotor dispute

Plant protection UAV: single rotor or multi-rotor has been the industry chatter problems, but market will eventually choose their own technology.

 Multi-rotor is developed from the aircraft model is equivalent to a large model aircraft, it loaded the spray of equipment, it becomes plant protection UAV. It is characterized by low entry threshold, easy to operate, the price is cheaper, but the lower whirlwind than the single-wing UAV weak, less penetrating, so the effect is worse than the single spin.

With better flight performance and more difficult operation than the multi rotor UAV, the Single rotor UAV price is slightly higher.



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