Agricultural Drones Pushes Modern Agriculture

- May 23, 2017-

Agricultural Drones pushes modern Agriculture

Even its inception in agricultural for over fifty years, the new multi-rotor Agricultural drones represent a new better way to collect field-level data and fulfill aerial pesticide spraying . The most compelling reason for using multi-rotor Agricultural drones is that the results are on-demand; whenever and wherever needed, the drone can be easily and quickly deployed. A grower or service provider can have a drone in the back of the truck and get actionable, field-level information the next day or sooner. It’s hard to beat the immediacy and convenience of planning the mission, collecting the data, finish aerial spraying pesticides quickly and getting near real-time results; only drones offer these benefits.

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Drones are affordable, requiring a very modest capital investment when compared to most farm equipment. They can pay for themselves and start saving money within a single growing season. Operation is relatively simple and getting easier with every new generation of flight control hardware. They’re safe and reliable. They are easy to integrate into the regular crop-scouting workflow; while visiting a field to check for pests or other ground issues, the drone can be deployed to collect aerial data. Yet, the real advantages of drones are not about the hardware; the value is in the convenience, quality and utility of the final data product.

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It is just a simple process:

Survey Your Field 

Planning a survey is as simple as selecting the edges of the field, defining flight parameters and uploading it to the drone via a wireless link.  The drone then flies the plan automatically and returns to the starting location to land.

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Pesticide spraying and precise farming

With the development of the flight control and GPS positioning function, agricultural drones are nowadays can finish the spraying precisely with centimeter grade accuracy, which can efficiently avoid the repeated spraying and missed spraying.  With sensors and other external equipments, drones has pesticide tanks and accurate pesticide spraying flow control system, which can realize the different dosage and spraying result on various fields with different pesticides and aiming at different insects.

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