Agricultural Drones For agriculltural engineering

- Apr 20, 2017-


Precision agriculture has become a new trend in the development of the world today. It uses drone based remote sensing, GIS, GNSS and other technologies to obtain information about the crop production environment, pesticide spraying analysisgrowth status and spatial variation in a certain area in real time. The farmland is managed in time, Pests and diseases, the occurrence of moisture situation analysis, simulation, for the effective use of resources to provide the necessary spatial information.


With the development of intelligent flight control, precision flow control, aviation pesticide and other technology, in the field of precision agriculture, based on high-precision navigation system of unmanned aerial vehicles, the use of aviation pesticide spraying, large data, aerial photography, through cloud computing or other means to Increasing crop productivity has become commonplace, and agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become part of precision agriculture. Soil assessment and sowing assessment for each stage of crop production requires the use of different types of unmanned aerial vehicles to detect crops. Stage of the growth of the situation to enhance the productivity of crops, through the UAV on the farm to shoot, and then use the software for automatic analysis and image processing, can get a lot of farmland data to provide the human eye can not find the problem. Such as whether the irrigation is uniform, soil color changes, temperature changes, nitrogen fertilizer is excessive, pest serious situation, through the foliage color spectrum analysis to determine whether the plant water. According to these analyzes, the farmland can adjust the planting measures immediately, and the harvest of the crop can be improved.



Plant protection UAV is more important to save resources. For example, when the UAV flew through the fruit, the color spectrum of the leaves can be used to determine whether the plant is in water, then the information is transferred to the watering system of the fruit forest, and some of the irrigation is carried out instead of blindly watering. Water resources can be saved - this is also the use of large data to build the core essence of precision agriculture.


From the use of sensors to automatically collect data to real-time analysis, interpretation of data, and make accurate assessment and decision-making, including spraying pesticide time, found disease pests, mechanical weeding, etc., UAVs have brought revolutionary innovation for agriculture, instead of human labor But also an unstoppable trend in the agricultural sector.


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