Agricultural Drone’s Confinements In China

- May 17, 2017-

The agricultural drone has leaped in China's precise farming, but it still face some existing problems to overcome:

1. Pesticide for agricultural drone spraying: At present, China lacks pesticide used in the agricultural drone and related technical standards, including aerial spraying pesticide liquid surface tension, viscosity , active ingredient content, dosage form and other evaluation criteria, the lack of aerial application conditions, the efficacy of pesticides and crop physiological effects testing standards.

agricultural drone1.jpg The lack of aerial spray operation technical standards: China's use of aerial spraying operation time is late, for the agricultural unmanned aerial spraying the relevant technical parameters of the lack of systematic and in-depth study, has not yet formed a scientific and reasonable criteria (Temperature, humidity, wind speed), flight height, flight speed, route planning and navigation control parameters, and to meet the requirements of the spraying operation of different crops and different spraying dosage forms. Three is no also no required amount of deposition, droplet size, droplet deposition distribution density, pesticide concentration and other operating indicators.

3. The lack of high stability, high reliability of the agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles autonomous flight control system: in low altitude flight, farmland canopy structure caused by the complex effect on the agricultural drone barometers highly influential, flying Stability is difficult to guarantee, there is still a lack of suitable for complex farmland environment (different elevation, different geographical location, different crop types) operation of small agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles with high stability, high reliability of the autonomous flight control system to meet the super Distance, low altitude, ready to take off and landing and other special requirements.

4. The lack of efficient and lightweight aerial spraying components: the effective task load and life time is the agricultural aerial aircraft is very important two indicators, directly related to the efficiency of aerial operations, therefore, the drone components and accessories must meet the requirements of lightweight, low-volume spray, uniform spraying.

5. lack of professional team and social service system

agricultural drone pestcide spraying13.JPG

Agricultural airlines limited to economic efficiency and industry personnel training mechanism and other reasons, the follow-up training of talent is lagging behind. The important role of agricultural aerial in agricultural production has not been fully highlighted. The various forms of social service organizations in China and the agro-aerial industry have not yet formed a scale. In addition, China is still lacking enough airport security for the development of agricultural aerial industry Base, but also limits the development of agricultural and aerial undertakings.







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