Agricultural Drone Operational Advantages

- May 18, 2017-

Agricultural UAV can be applied to corn, wheat, cotton, tea, fruit trees and other crops, through the high-pressure sprayer system to spray the pesticide, the downward high-speed wind can be atomized pesticide penetrate to the crop roots, and the atomized pesticide can thus act on the back of the crop leaves. The atomized pesticide can form an atomized coverage area in the crop, and the efficacy is more durable.

Agricultural drone has fast and efficient operation, a plant protection UAV daily operation up to 10acres per day, operating speed, high efficiency, which can spray a large area in the pest outbreak season in a timely manner to solve quickly; save pesticide and labor costs. Aerial spraying operations can save 70% of water, saving pesticides 50%, can effectively reduce operating costs, compared to the current labor costs can be reduced by 30%;

 Ecological security: plant protection UAV equipped with automatic flight control with a navigation spray function, to minimize the staff contact with pesticide time, the basic lifting of the peasants carrying the sprayer in the hot sun under the threat of pesticide poisoning, to protect the farmers life safety.

High-quality effect: low operating height, the unit area of crop pesticide cover high density, pesticide droplets spray from the sprayer when the rotor down the air to accelerate the formation of gas flow, strong penetration of crops, drift less, Pesticide deposition and pesticide coverage are better than conventional.

 Simple operation: multi-rotor UAV operation is simple, after a simple training can be homework.

Pesticide spraying drone typical characteristics

Automatic takeoff and landing, route planning autonomous operations; route planning can be a long-term use; cone-key take-off and landing.

Terrain-follointerior configured high-precision microwave radar to ensure uniform spraying; track guided by the satellite navigation signal, to avoid leakage spray, heavy spray phenomenon.

Precise fixed, remote cruise

The configuration of efficient power management module, real-time monitoring of battery power, battery automatically fly to break off the point of open pump spray, dosing automatically after the break to open the pump spray, To avoid leakage spray, heavy spray phenomenon.

Reliable algorithm, stable attitude: ,due to its advanced flight control, UAV has good flight attitude stability, strong wind resistance, high security.


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