Agricultural Drone Flight Control?

- Apr 07, 2017-

Flight control system, also known as flight management and control system, is the AGRICULTURAL UAV's key control system. The main function is to automatically maintain the normal flight attitude of the aircraft. The quality of the flight control will determines the stability of the AGRICULTURAL UAV, the reliability of data transmission, accuracy, real-time and so have an important impact on its flight performance play a decisive role; data link system can ensure accurate transmission of remote control instructions, and AGRICULTURAL UAV Receive, send information real-time and reliability, to ensure timely feedback of information and smooth and accurate completion of the task.

 With the development of aerial pesticide technology, flight flow control and flight control technology, plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles in the field of plant protection reflects more and more advantages, which objectively on the plant protection AGRICULTURAL UAV flight control system put forward new technology Claim:

1. Flight control needs to have a fixed width spray function, you can achieve the easy operation of spraying and flying, GPS and Beidou dual-mode satellite positioning which can guarantee the spraying more accurately; it must support independent planning spray path and breakpoint continued spray to meet the environmental requirements of agricultural plant protection. Using carrier phase difference technology to achieve positioning orientation, to ensure flight and spray precision control in centimeters.

2. as this kind of spraying drones are use in plant protection, it need  to use the industrial-grade design to ensure that the system can adapt to the harsh outdoor work environment. The immediate fault handling function enables the execution of a predetermined exception handling policy when a variety of extreme conditions occur.

3. Ground station, can be in the Android form, through a simple operation to set the spray operation plots, automatic planning S-type spray path, to achieve automatic spraying operations. In the autonomous mode of spraying, AGRICULTURAL UAV can take off and take autonomy, complete the entire process of spraying operations. During the operation, when the amount of fuel (power) or the amount of the drug is insufficient, it can return to the designated place and return to the designated place after the completion of the supply.

4. large data and cloud services must be supported, anywhere in the earth through the WEB login, you can view in real time or after the playback of AGRICULTURAL UAV spray operation process, remote monitoring of various parameters and status of Agricultural UAV.

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