What Is The Core Of Agriculture Drone

- Jun 12, 2017-

In recent years, more and more places began to use crop protection unmanned aerial vehicles to spray pesticides to control pests and diseases, UAV crop protection industry needs to be standardized, man-machine medicine to coordinate, so as to better promote agricultural development.

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Since 2012, the attention of agriculture drone (uav) is rising year by year, we saw a lot of reports about the crop protection uav field experiment and field operation. This means that the spraying drone has gradually recognized and accepted by the market and into a new stage of rapid development. A drone can complete the 0.67 acres of farmland pesticide spraying task in 10 minutes , and the efficiency is 30-60 times the a person. We see the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) saving work at the same time, saving the time and medicine is also should pay attention to the key factors. People, is to change the traditional mode of operation and medication habits, so that the specialized plant protection services organizations to spray. Machine, is to promote the use of new and efficient crop protection machinery, such as crop protection UAV. Pesticide, mainly choose pesticide from symptoms, reasonably and effectively add the spray additives, such as sedimentation agent and sustained release agent.

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In general, the requirements of the plant protection operations are too high. In the case of visual flight distance, without the help of navigation equipment, the pilots must lock the flight height and fly at a constant speed, narrow space fixed-point landing, which are the basic skills of the pilot, but also are the most basic crop protection operations guarantee. From the perspective of ordinary users, our company developed the agriculture UAV which is simple operation, high degree of intelligence, very easy to learn and use, inexperienced users can manipulate through simple learning.

At present, UAV professional and technical personnel is seriously inadequate, due to improper manipulation, it often occurs civilian UAV impacting buildings, falling into the ditch and other events, Therefore, UAVs pilot should also learn some plant protection and pesticide common sense, to avoid the phytotoxicity caused by improper operation.

Only to achieve the coordinated development of man-machine-pesticide, the agriculture protection drone will play the desired goal, and achieve the purpose of faster and more secure development of agriculture, to save time and effort.

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