2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, We Come

- Nov 01, 2017-

2017 October 26-28, the 2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition held in Wuhan. Company sent representatives to participate in this exhibition. In this exhibition, our company exhibited two models- the new generation of SQN-5 total-autopilot agriculture drone and SLK-15 plant protection UAV, at the same time, grandly launch of the new generation of intelligent agricultural machinery central control system.

slk-15 plant protection uav.jpg

The new generation ofSQN-5 automatic pilot spraying drone, through the ground station control, can now achieve one station four drones at the same time spraying operations, daily operating efficiency can reach 330 acres, at present, we are in the leading position in the field of crop protection drone.

SQN-5 autopilot spraying drone.jpg

During this exhibition, the products we exhibit attracted many visitors to watch and consult, in the meantime talk over with some of the farmers and large agricultural machinery companies, and in promoting the company profile at the same time, also opens the way for further cooperation.

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