UAV Aerial Photography &Live Systems

- Mar 08, 2017-

Outdoor large-scale activities, the venue, film and television UAV aerial photography and live systems


For the outdoor large-scale activities, the venue and the actual needs of film and television, the system program 

using one or more large-load, long voyage, vertical take-off and landing UAV HD camera or other professional

 equipment, the entire event site Panoramic, close-range close-up, and uninterrupted long-time tracking. 

Shooting content can be stored back or back to the background for real-time broadcast post-processing use;

 can also be configured through the system 4G module 4G public network for live broadcast, so that all the

 activities of the scene participants and in any area of concern are You can instantly watch mobile phone or 

other live aerial scene.

Parameters and functions

1. the company "peregrine falcon" class all by car, semi-autopilot multi-rotor unmanned aerial aircraft:

    1) Load: 0 ~ 5KG

    2) life time 0 ~ 30min

    3) aerial height 0 ~ 500m

    4) aerial radius of 0 ~ 2000m

2. aerial picture quality:

      4K HD or according to the actual needs of users configure the device.

3. aerial content processing:

Memory card storage or real-time backhaul background processing, and can achieve aerial 4G public network

 instant broadcast.

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