Police and Security UAV

- Mar 08, 2017-

Police and Security UAV long-range, multi-terminal real-time monitoring system

First, the system program summary

The system uses one or more heavy load and long voyage time for the remote, real-time monitoring and information acquisition of the specific scene, special environment, special terrain, which is difficult for personnel to reach in the fields of police, safety supervision and fire prevention. , Vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles mounted high-definition camera or other professional monitoring equipment, the entire site for panoramic, close-range close-up and uninterrupted long time tracking and monitoring, such as mounting far-infrared and other professional equipment can also achieve full auto-state Night monitoring function. Monitoring content can be stored back or back to the background for real-time information processing, use, you can also use the system configuration 4G module 4G public network for live broadcast, so that all participants in the field and in any region of the rear decision-makers can Mobile phones or other large-screen terminal for instant access to the scene to monitor the screen and information.


Parameters and functions

1. Our、 "peregrine Falcon" -level full-autopilot, semi-autopilot multi-rotor UAV

    1) Load: 0 ~ 5KG

    2) life time 0 ~ 60min

    3) Monitoring height 0 ~ 500m

    4) Monitoring radius 0 ~ 5000m

    5) Mute effect (motor drive) 20 dB or less

2. monitor picture quality

4K high definition or according to the actual needs of users configure the device; such as mounting far-infrared equipment, can realize night vision, night monitoring.

3. monitoring content processing

Memory card storage or real-time backhaul background processing, while monitoring content can be 4G public network instant broadcast.

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