August, 1998      ● the team founded, previous named as Tongfei and Feiya Aviation;

1999-2000           cooperate mainly with institutes and other units in UAV research, development and supporting work;

August 2010        Xi'an Wideworldz Aviation Technology Co., Ltd established, began to develop UAV products independently, the main products for low-altitude agricultural plant protection intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles;

End of 2011            the first AF811 air robot (oil-driven helicopter) successfully developed;

End of 2012         started to develop intelligent electric multi-rotor agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles;

April 2014             our share holding company Bibang Intelligent technology CO., LTD established, who is mainly engaged in the core technology of UAV - intelligent control system R & D design;

August 2014         won the Gold Prize of China Agricultural Technology Innovating and Enterprising Competition;

 December 2014   got A round financing;

June 2015               Bibang’s UAV ultra control system" project won the "Best Business Award" of First China Pioneer Competition and access Angel financing;

October 2016         seventh generation intelligent electric multi-rotor plant protection UAV started mass production;

January 2017         launch real practical level "One-control-station-multi-drone" autopilot intelligent plant protection UAV system.