1. Why green light flashes during the flight? How to solve it?

 It is GPS positioning error, the operator should immediately land the drone, then disconnect the power and choose another takeoff-location, and then re-positioning the drone.

2.  Drone will fly sideways and back just after unlocking, what is the reason?

 This is because the drone’s blades are affected by the turbulence; operator only needs to speed up faster.

3. Why the red light flashes during the flight?

It is the power supply system error, operator need to land the drone immediately. If the drone is out of control, pls try to land in the tree or away from the crowd.

4. What is the reason that the battery-low warning alarms for newly-filled battery?

There are several possible reasons: 

(1) Battery bulge, the reason is that this drone is not used for a long time, the voltage is not set to save the reserving voltage 3.8 ~ 3.9V.

(2) Battery voltage difference is large. Voltage of single fully charged battery should be 4.2V, if the pressure differs too much, pls replace the battery.

(3)  the temperature is too low, the battery discharge property will be greatly reduced, the battery storage environment temperature: 10 ~ 25 ℃.

5. remote control alarms during flight, how to solve it?

it means the remote control has power shortage, operator should immediately landed the drone, fully charged and then continue to operate.

6. How to do when we meet signal lost, the remote control operation without response?

You can try to switch GPS / manual mode continuously for 2-3 times.

7.if there is no spraying, uneven spraying, how to do?

Operator should check if the pesticide box outlet and nozzle outlet are blocked by foreign body.

8.After power-on,drone power indicator light does not shine, how to do?

Check the battery plug, if not plugged, plug tight again.

9.The red green light repeatedly flashes how to do?

The operator should immediately lock, and then restart the drone, unlock until after the success of the GPS positioning and intelligent flow meter registration.

10. How to clean the pesticide tube after the spraying?

Remove the drone blade, add  fill the water tank with clean water, open the remote control to start the drone,  the nozzle begins to work after the  intelligent flow meter registration , set the intelligent flow meter  to manual mode, toggle spray switch  to clean the drug tube Until the sprayed water is clear.

11. How to clean the pesticide tank after the spraying?

Remove the pesticide tube under the medicine box, remove hand screw after get the tank out , clean it with clean water.

12. When operator push unlock rocking bar of the remote control, the drone swings heavily or turn over, how to do? 

Possible reason: (1) the blades are not installed  in right order, pls re-check the installed direction and re-install once any wrong installed blades are found; (2) drone accelerometer is not calibrated, pls recalibrate accelerometer.