company profile

We, Xi’an Wideworldz Aviation Technology Co., Ltd, are the first-class high-tech enterprise specializing in drone  R&D, production and flight service. We focus on research, development and manufacture of agricultural drones(UAV), flight control and unmanned intelligent equipment. Now we have aircraft R&D design department, intelligent flight control system department, production and processing centers, flight engineering department and other departments.  We have a high-quality technical team with rich aerial engineering practice experience.


2. Our Factory

Since our foundation, we pay much attention to the research, development and quality. We have an experienced technician staff with rich experience in research of the drone flight control, spraying efficiency control and pesticide application. Our factory is located in Huangliang town with advanced assembly line and skillful workers. We have passed ISO certification and carry out strict quality control measures in our factory. All these guarantee the high stable quality of our products, which can create added value for customers around the world.

3.Our Product

our products.png

Our main products include drones, agricultural  pesticide spraying drones and its components:

(1)SLK serial multi-rotor agricultural UAV(drone)

(2)Orion intelligent flight control 

(3)Intelligent flow control meter 

(4)Drone components, like propeller, motor, blade, spraying nozzle

(5)Customized drones and accessories design 

4.Product Application

agriculture drone spraying .jpg

Our main products include agricultural  pesticide spraying drones and its components:

1.Our drones are widely used in pesticide spraying for crop protection;

2.Orion intelligent flight control is used for drones ;

3.Intelligent flow control meter are used for drone’s flow control;

4.Drone components, like propeller,motor, blade, spraying nozzle are used for drones assembly; 

5.Our drone application form can be applied to aerial photography, forestry monitoring, delivery, petroleum pipeline surveillance, disaster investigation and other related fields.

5.Production Equipment

Except the outsourced parts, we are capable of integrated drone assembly and offer some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available, including blade design and processing, flow meter design, drone customized design and aerial platform development.

6.Production Market

We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. With many years’ development, we have extended our sales channels all over China; especially in west China we have many sales partners to promote our pesticide spraying drones. Each year hundreds of thousands acres crops are taken care of our products. Meanwhile, to satisfy the increasing demand from overseas market, we now explore the international market positively and have some potential cooperation with various customers.

7.Our service

After-sales service(temporary applicable in China mainland only)

1. Since the date of purchase, our agriculture drones enjoy one-year warranty period.  we are responsible for free repair and component replacement for any unintended damage;

2. After one-year warranty expires, we still provide free repair service; users only need to pay the cost of damaged parts.